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Marching Forward: Finding Hope and Action in Cancer Awareness Month

March is a special time to think about our health because it’s Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. We’re all working together at UM Charles Regional Medical Center to fight this disease. With lots of knowledge, caring, and the best treatments, we believe we can beat colorectal cancer and help everyone in Charles County and beyond live their healthiest lives.


Understanding Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the main reasons people die from cancer, but it’s also something we can prevent and treat early if we find it soon. We need to share news about this cancer with more people and to help people to take steps to stay healthy in March and all year long.


How to Prevent It

Staying healthy starts with what we do every day. Eating a lot of fruits, veggies, and whole grains, being active, drinking less alcohol, and not using tobacco are all important to stop colorectal cancer before it starts.


Finding It Early

Finding cancer early can really help. Adults 45 and older, or those who might get sick more easily, should get checked regularly. We have many ways to check for cancer, from the usual tests to simple ones you can do at home, all to catch cancer early when it’s easier to treat.


Caring for Each Other

If someone does get sick with colorectal cancer, UM Charles Regional Medical Center is a place of hope. Our team makes a care plan just for them, which might include surgery, treatments, or other ways to help. We use the newest medicine and ideas because we care about each person, not just treating the sickness.


Bringing Our Community Together

This March, let’s all remember that doing things like finding cancer early and treating it right can make a big difference. UM Charles Regional Medical Center is here to help you every step of the way. Let’s join together this month to do something for our health and take care of each other.


If you need to check for this kind of cancer, talk to a doctor first. You can get this test at our special center at 5 North La Plata Court, Suite 201, in La Plata, MD. If you want to make an appointment, please call 301-609-4510.


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