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Like any major procedure, hip replacement surgeries can prevent a stressful situation for a patient. That’s why every member of the UM Charles Regional staff is dedicated to providing compassionate care, ensuring our patients are as comfortable as possible, and communicating clearly. 


Lonnelle Coy experienced this level of care and so much more from every team member she encountered after her recent hip replacement procedure. “The care was wonderful,” she said. “The professionalism of the staff and the general care I received was beyond compare.”


Erin Traggorth, RN, a nurse on 2 East, provided Lonnelle immediate after-surgery care when she was still experiencing double vision from the medication she received. “Erin comforted me and said I would be better by the morning — which I was!” said Lonnelle. “She really encouraged me.”


Lonnelle was also touched by Erin’s attention to her case. “She came by first thing in the morning because she said she wanted to be the first person to see me stand up,” said Lonnelle. “As a patient, that attention was very important and very encouraging to me.”


Lonnelle praised the entire nursing staff on 2 East but especially noted Mellissa Wilkerson, a patient care technician. “I asked if she [Wilkerson] had a cot somewhere because she was always there, with just the right amount of encouragement — a real credit to the hospital,” said Lonnelle. 


She also fondly recalled Nyea Millard, a patient care technician on 3 South, whom she felt “has a real gift for compassion and laughter. She and I connected through humor, and that put me at ease. Plus, she came back the following day to visit me even though she was not working on my unit that day.” Lonnelle continued, “And we laughed some more!” 


Even before Lonnelle reached her room on 2 East, she knew she was in good hands for her recovery. While she was being transported after her surgery, she was joking with her transporters, Tyrek Robinson and Emmanuel Goldring. “They both really impacted my life,” Lonnelle said. 


At UM Charles Regional, we come together to work to make Charles County a better place. We strive to do everything we can to make every part of a patient’s visit and every interaction they have with our staff to be exceptional.

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