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Everything You Need to Know About Your Annual Wellness Visit

If only the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” was literally true. In reality, while apples are delicious and a great source of nutrition, the best way to keep doctor’s visits from piling up is to simply stay proactive with your health. This means making sure you make it to your annual wellness visit every year. 

An annual wellness visit is typically performed by your primary care physician (PCP) and is intended to catch potential health issues early before they become serious and less treatable. The good news is that most insurance plans cover an annual visit with no copay required. 

We understand that for many, going to the doctor isn’t a particularly enjoyable activity. However, there are many benefits to staying on top of your annual checkups, including: 

  • Discuss ways to stay healthy and prevent disease 
  • Catch diseases early when they are more treatable 
  • Get a better understanding of your personal health history 
  • Get help with preventing complications from chronic health conditions 
  • Develop a relationship with your doctor to better communicate with them
  • Stay proactive about your health
  • Reduce emergency room visits 
  • Lower health care costs in the long run 

Many people may avoid doctor’s visits because they can cause stress or anxiety, but here we’ll discuss everything you can expect at your appointment. Typically, your primary care doctor will be looking out for any changes from your last visit, take note of any health complaints you may have, and run any additional tests that may be required. 

Most annual wellness visits will include some or all of the following: 

  • A review of medical and surgical history, with any updates or changes 
  • Screenings 
  • Blood tests 
  • Immunizations 
  • A physical exam 
  • Counseling to prevent future health problems or concerns 

In preparation for your appointment consider the following so you feel prepared: 

  • Ahead of time, write down any questions you may have for your doctor and bring them with you to your appointment
  • Bring a list of medications you are currently taking including vitamins, supplements, and doses
  • Check with your doctor’s office about whether or not you need to fast before your appointment 

Don’t wait until something is wrong or you feel sick to go see your doctor. The best way to stay proactive with your health is by staying diligent with your annual wellness visit. 

Schedule your appointment by calling 301.609.5044, or by clicking here.

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