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Spring Cleaning for Mental Health: It’s Time to Cleanse Your Mind

The weather is warming, flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air. For many people, spring cleaning means decluttering, deep cleaning, or making a donation pile of things they rarely use. This is a popular process — and one that can certainly be rejuvenating — but it only takes into account the physical space that surrounds you. It’s worth considering not only doing a home clean out, but also implementing healthy new habits for your mind.


One tried and true method for combing through your inner thoughts and feelings is writing them all down. There’s something incredibly cathartic about letting your stream of consciousness flow through a pen onto a page. And seeing something written down can make it more tangible and easier to understand than it otherwise would be if left in your brain.
This doesn’t have to be your average middle school diary entry, either. Modern journaling has taken on many new forms, and can be personalized entirely to suit your needs. You can write down your biggest success and failure of each day, something you’re grateful for, or even your goals immediately when you wake up. Another tool is using colors to track your mood on a calendar for the month. Each method will offer unique insights into the inner workings of your mind.


Another well-known way to practice mindfulness is through meditation. There are dozens of variations of this activity, spanning cultures from across the world. While different forms are more popular than others, each provides a different outlet to tap into both your body and soul. Even just a 10-minute session each day can leave you feeling rejuvenated and refocused.
Guided meditation can be a great starting point for beginners, as it allows an expert to take you through the process. Many phone apps can also be a suitable guide if you prefer a more private setting. Yoga meditation is another good option, especially if you’re looking for a more physical session. Physical activity can promote additional mental health benefits to supplement the mindfulness work you’re also doing.


Sometimes seeking an expert opinion is the best step you can take — for any element of your wellness journey. If your mental health specifically needs additional support, therapy is a great option. During your appointment you’ll be able to dive even deeper into your thoughts and feelings, all while having a professional guide you and offer valuable input you might not have otherwise considered.
If you’re looking at local options in Southern Maryland, our Behavioral Health office is now accepting new patients. Our providers have a wide range of mental health specializations and can see patients aged six and up. Most insurances are accepted, visit our website for additional details and to schedule an appointment.
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