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How a California Businessman Turned a Personal Tragedy into a Potentially Life-Saving Donation in Southern Maryland


Javad Shadzi lost a friend to coronavirus. Now he’s fighting back, and it’s helping a hospital all the way across the country.

The founder of 034Motorsport in Fremont, California, Shadzi knew he had to do something after his friend passed away despite being on a respirator. “This is a devastating pandemic, and the need for masks is real,” he said. 

And, in a recent YouTube video, Shadzi recalls why he knew he had to take action. “I have a brand new, clean [mask], and many healthcare workers don’t have any,” he said.

His company has access to global supply chains, and Shadzi began leveraging that access and quickly found a company that could supply N95 masks. At $1.50 per mask, the immediate challenge was to obtain funding to purchase enough masks to make an impact. To solve that problem, his company contributed $25,000 and he started a GoFundMe page which has now received donations totaling over $24,000.

On the East Coast, Susan Mudd Vogel, director of the Charles Regional Medical Center Foundation, was tasked with securing alternative supplies of masks and protective equipment for the hospital. She discussed her search with Tarun Khundi, a former classmate of hers at St. Mary’s Ryken High School in St. Mary’s County.

“Tarun asked if our hospital needed masks and offered to introduce me to Shadzi,” she said.

On March 29, Shadzi reached out to Vogel. And just 11 days later, 1,000 N95 masks were delivered from California to the Foundation’s offices here in La Plata.

“It’s a tremendous shot in the arm for us. Instantly, it more than doubled our available supply of N95 masks,” she said. “With this donation and everything we’ve collected through our Thankful Thursday efforts, we’ve been able to successfully implement a full masking policy for all of our staff — protecting both staff and patients at the hospital.”

Back in California, Shadzi continues to raise funds and distribute masks.

“We could send out a million masks, and it wouldn’t be enough,” he said. “[But] we can try to do something about this crisis together.”

To learn more about Shadzi’s fundraising effort and how you can contribute, visit his GoFundMe page. If you’re looking for ways to support the CRMC Foundation directly, please visit our website or call (301) 609-4132.

Update (4/27): Hear more about the CRMC Foundation’s work and Shadzi’s efforts to help in this segment from NBC4 Washington.

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  1. Jeff would be blown away, humbled, and very appreciative of Javad’s efforts. I know David is. We all are.

  2. Kristin Sommers

    Thank you Shadzi! I was shipped 40 masks to Kelowna, BC to help with my little tech company still out there working. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


    I’d like to congratulate my dear friend Javad Shadzi, from 034 Motorsport in Fremont – California, for his love, respect, humility, generosity & his very strong will to help others ! This move of his, following our good friend Jeff Bagby’s sad depart, shows what a magnificent human being he is ! My respects ! God bless 🙏.
    I also want to thank Mrs. Susan Mudd Vogel & Tarun Khundi who joined in to help in the distribution of masks.
    You are amazing great Human Beings ! Congratulations !
    Unfortunately, I live too far away from you sweet People…as I’d really love to be there to help you in anyway.
    Keep up the great job you are doing helping humanity & may God bless you always
    My sincere wishes are that this nightmare is over & out asap 🙏❤🕊🙂✌!
    With warm regards,
    Kris Padayachy,
    Freelance Social Worker,
    +230 57 04 17 17

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