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Recognizing the Importance of Heart Health During Cardiac Rehabilitation Week


During American Heart Month, much of the focus is put on raising awareness and sharing strategies for preventing heart disease. But what about raising awareness for those who have already suffered from some form of heart disease? That’s where National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week comes in.

Celebrated every year during the month of February, National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week is meant to highlight the importance of cardiac rehabilitation and all those who benefit from it. Never heard or thought about cardiac rehabilitation before? Read on to learn more about these important programs.

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation (or just cardiac rehab for short) is a set of programs designed to help those who’ve suffered from a heart attack, heart failure, heart surgery, or any number of other cardiovascular conditions. Through these programs, patients are able to improve their cardiovascular health to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

How Can Cardiac Rehabilitation Help Someone with Heart Disease?

Every person’s cardiac rehab program is going to be a little bit different based on their condition, but most programs revolve around three distinct elements:

  • Exercise – Physical activity is a very important part of heart health, and cardiac rehab programs will get patients moving and learn how exercise can promote a heart-healthy lifestyle.
  • Education – There are a lot of factors that determine someone’s heart health, and a cardiac rehab program can help patients learn how to manage their risk factors and make smarter lifestyle choices.
  • Counseling – Perhaps nothing can derail a heart-healthy lifestyle more than stress, so cardiac rehab programs often include some form of counseling to instill stress-management techniques and strategies in patients.

Cardiac Rehabilitation at UM Charles Regional Medical Center

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program here at UM Charles Regional Medical Center. Led by an expert team and a board-certified cardiologist, this program is designed to help participants achieve heart-healthy lifestyles and reduce their cardiovascular risk factors.

From doctors, nurses, and physical therapists to exercise physiologists, social workers, and dietary experts, our team works with patients to achieve the following benefits:

  • Improved functional abilities
  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced lifestyle-related risks
  • Increased knowledge of the disease process
  • Understanding of prevention strategies
  • Increased ability to perform normal tasks in daily life
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Better adherence to healthy lifestyle choices

Want to learn more about our cardiac rehabilitation program? Visit our website or call (301) 609-4413 to make an appointment today.

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