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What You Should Know About Wounds That Won’t Go Away

Having a scrape or cut is never fun. But your body works to scab over the wound and eventually heal with little more than a scar to show for it — right? Not always. In fact, chronic wounds are more common than you think, with over seven million people in the U.S. living with chronic wounds. And that number continues to grow each year, with a 2% rise anticipated each year over the course of the next decade. Wounds like these can be expensive the longer you wait, and could impact quality of life for years. 

Common Types of Chronic Wounds

It’s clear that not everyone’s body can effectively heal on its own, and certain people are more susceptible to chronic wounds. Conditions like diabetes, obesity, and vascular disease often contribute to the development of chronic wounds. Individuals who fall into these categories are at increased risk and should stay vigilant by doing self-checks and monitoring any wounds that they incur. 

What Happens When Wounds Worsen  

While seemingly insignificant at first, even the smallest wounds can create long-term problems if not properly treated. Infection is the side effect that will happen most quickly, and that can lead to hospitalization for expert attention. If the wound is particularly bad, amputation of the affected limb may be recommended. In total, a shocking 30% of untreated chronic wounds result in amputation. 

How to Help Heal Chronic Wounds 

If you notice a wound that is reopening and refusing to heal on its own, turn to a wound care specialist. They have far more advanced treatments than just a band-aid and some ointment. These procedures can help heal stubborn wounds and get your life back on track. There are over 600 dedicated Wound Care Centers certified by Healogics. UM Charles Regional Medical Center is proud to offer this service to our local Southern Maryland community. 

Find a wound care specialist by calling the UM Charles Regional Center for Wound Healing today at (301) 609-7701.

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