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4 Tips to Follow for a Happier, Healthier School Year

Back-To-School Tips

It’s almost time for your kids to head back to school. Are they prepared to have the best year possible? You can help get them ready for a happier, healthier year ahead by following these tips.

Impart the Importance of Breakfast

The old adage that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” couldn’t be truer for kids heading back to school.

After 8 to 12 hours of sleep, your kids need to refuel for the day ahead. According to the National Institutes of Health, children who get a nutritious start to the day perform much better in school. You can help give them that great start by providing a breakfast that’s low in added sugar and rich in whole grains, fiber and protein.

Involve Your Kids in Making Lunch

Packing your child’s lunch gives you some control over how healthfully they’re eating at school. Making them lunch at home is relatively inexpensive, and when you involve your kids in the lunch-making process, you can teach them valuable healthy eating habits in the process.

Find Ways to Lighten Their Workload

Kids with especially full schedules may experience excessive undue stress, which can lead to a whole host of issues. Keeping a calendar and making family time a priority are great ways to keep their days running smoothly, but most importantly, understanding when it’s okay to say “no” and stressing the value of downtime are key ways to reduce stress in their life.

Make Sleep a Priority

Your kids will require less sleep as they get older, but it’s no secret that kids who get the right amount of sleep for their age perform better in school. Turning off the TV and ensuring they have a cool, quiet place to rest their head at night will make it easier for them to be well rested for the day ahead.

These are just a few of the many back-to-school tips you should follow to give your child the best start possible. Visit for even more tips and advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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