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UM Charles Regional Medical Center Honored for Workplace Excellence

We work hard to ensure that every patient at UM Charles Regional Medical Center receives the highest-quality, compassionate care from our staff of dedicated professionals. But we also put great effort into creating a positive work environment where professional and personal growth is encouraged.

We’re honored to announce that UM Charles Regional Medical Center has been awarded the 2016 Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval and the Health & Wellness Seal of Approval from the Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE). This marks the 12th consecutive year that we’ve received these awards from AWE, and they’re an important affirmation of our dedication to creating a work environment where everyone on our team can thrive.

Recipients of these prestigious certifications undergo a rigorous assessment process led by an independent review panel of business professionals and graduate-level students in the fields of business, industrial and organizational psychology, human resources, environmental science, public health and diversity and inclusion.

By demonstrating an outstanding commitment to employee communication, diversity, growth, work-life balance, health and wellness, UM Charles Regional stands out as not only a great hospital but also a great place to to work. It’s just another mark of how we’re constantly striving to serve our community.

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  1. Peggy Scott

    I have been a patient several times, both as a few long inpatient stays, but still as outpatient. Because of my complex medical history I have also been an inpatient at hospitals in DC and Baltimore. Guess where I have always gotten the best nursing care? Right there in our pearl in La Plata. Congratulations!

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